[TinyOWS-users] Non-ASCII characters not accepted in layer title

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at gmail.com
Tue May 17 01:19:09 EST 2011

On May 17, 2011, at 6:36 AM, Rahkonen Jukka wrote:

Hi Jukka,

> It looks like adding this layer into config.xml breaks  
> GetCapabilities and it seems to be because of "MML-lentokentät".  
> With "MML-lentokentat" it is accepted. Is this limitation coming  
> from the standard?
> <layer retrievable="1"
> 	 writable="0"
> 	 ns_prefix="lv"
> 	 ns_uri="http://latuviitta.fi/"
>         name="mml_airport"
>         title="MML-lentokentät v. 2011"
>        abstract="Maanmittauslaitoksen 1:1000000 airport-taso" />

Humm what do you mean by 'breaks GetCapabilites' ?
I've just check quickly with the same title than yours, without  
noticing anything special.


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