[TinyOWS-users] Featureset limit when apply it

Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Wed Oct 26 06:46:53 EST 2011

Courtin Olivier wrote:
> On Sep 24, 2011, at 8:38 PM, aperi2007 wrote:
> Andrea,
> > If I put a feature-limit :
> > for example 10.000 features.
> >
> > and after I do a request sending a bbox.
> > tinyows send me a recordset which as the characteristic that no one
> > element is in the
> > BBOX I ask for. :)
> >
> > It send me 10.000 element where noone is inside the bbox 
> why it ask to
> > the DB for the recordset after it take the first 10.000 
> recordset and
> > send it.
> > Practically always the recordset of 10.000 element as 
> no-one element  
> > of
> > the bbox I ask for.
> >
> > Actually tinyows seem ask to the db to have the first 
> 10.000 element.
> > Instead I guess it should ask the first 10.000 record that are in  
> > the BBOX.
> Sorry for the lag on this point,
> I'm not able to reproduce easily your problem
> (another way to say, that's it looks to works for me)
> Could you provide request based on TinyOWS demo layers
> (world or france) reproducing your issue ?

I made two test with my layers too.  With WFS 1.0.0 and http GET and BBOX given as KVP with URL and maxfeatures=1 (this should be enough for making the amateurs to stop reading, shouldn't?) the result is OK. With WFS 1.1.0 and http POST with Intersects filter (my test software makes wrong BBOX filters) the result is correct too.  All the features are within the selection area even if the count is limited with maxfeatures.

Could it be anyhow possible that there is something wrong with your BBOX filter? If it is not valid then TinyOWS may just omit it. I know this happens with unpatched Kosmo 2.0 which is building filter as ogc:Bbox instead of correct ogc:BBOX.

But there can be something wrong with TinyOWS with the POST method and filter ogc:BBOX too. I am running probably version r590 and it wants to get the EPSG:3067 coordinates as Northing-Easting order with the BBOX filter and this is wrong.  With for example Intersects filter it behaves correctly and takes Easting-Northing coordinates just like is should. This is probably not your problem because in that case you would not find any features.

I guess Olivier will not get much further before you can send the exact queries you are using. I keep recommending to install some local proxy like Fiddler for capturing the traffic between client and TinyOWS.

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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