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Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 16:35:12 EST 2011


I'm study-ing TinyOWS as server WFS,
using qgis as wfs client.

I notice a procedural issue when the dataset is huge.

It need a very much time to startup on first visualization.
The qgis plugin need to download all the dataset.
The only solution to avoid this time lost, is activate the "limit-feature"
But it is a strange solution.
Infact the qgis WFS-plugin download the first feature untile the limit set,
and after don't show any other dataset.
If I try to zoon to a details if the detail is out of the first downloaded
feature, simply qgis show nothing.
Perhaps this is an issue of qgis plugin, but however I guess the
"limit-feature" solution for huge dataset is not a
solution in many use-case.

I guess a better approach should be a
dimension approach.
Allowing the size in unit of length of the max dataset retrievable.

something like

<limits unit-of-lenght="1000" />  (dont send when the portion asked is
more than a square of 1000x1000 unit-of-lenght)

For example setting max retrievable size = 1000 meters,
the wfs server should be send data only if the bbox asked has a size under
1000meters x 1000meters

Without see how much features it could contains.

Of course this mean to set something like a scale-dependent limitation,
but this in many use-case is more affordable then a limit-features .


Andrea Peri
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