[TinyOWS-users] Problem inserting features

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 16:55:53 EST 2011

Hi Brian,

> I am using the OSGeo Live Version 5 virtual machine for Virtual Box.
> That has worked really well, but some software required for this was
> missing or outdated. For example, tinyows was version 0.9

An old one indeed...

> and in order
> to compile from source, I needed the libxml2-dev package, and flex was
> missing.

Quite logical because the space was a real issue with the DVD
(lot of GIS stuff to put on it)

> Postgres is 8.4 and I left it at that. Postgis is 1.5.2.

>> What happen then ?
> I did with the pure windows stack which used tinyows 1rc3, and that is
> when I was getting "premature end of script headers" on inserts.

Ok do you have a way to check it with an Unix like,
and to use the latest SVN version ?

It should be the right way to do it,
till the next stable version coming quite soon.

>> So i'm curious about how you are exactly able to obtain a HTTO 500 error type.

> OK, OpenLayers has a parameter for the geometry column, so I thought it
> may mean something to tinyows. I just realized i am using OL 2.11rc4, so
> will try more tests with stable 2.11.

Could you provide the HTTP request sended by OL ?
(you could use Firebug or TinyOWS log to catch it)

> Also, since tinyows is just a cgi program, there is no effect on the
> tinyows config by restarting Apache, right? And tinyows reads the
> tinyows.xml file every time its called, right?

In CGI mode yes it is.
You only need to restart Apache if you're using it the Fast-CGI mode
(improve performance x2 for retrieving features,
 and till x40 on write operations)

> I'll keep banging away at it and keep you posted. One thing I may be
> able to help with in the end is some kind of trouble-shooting tips.
> Seems like I've hit about as many pitfalls as you can. There are a lot
> of good references in the mailing list archives, but its a bit
> scattered. If you like I'll volunteer to help organize some of that into
> the main site. I am really excited about the promise of this software,
> especially WFS-T via OpenLayers.

You're right there's a need to something more than only the actual docs.
Something like a mix of a tutorial and an FAQ for instance.
We could also imagine few webcasts.

We also have to migrate the actual documentation to MapServer website
using RST syntax <http://docutils.sourceforge.net/rst.html>

If you want to initiate something you are really welcome !


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