[TinyOWS-users] simple type and enumeration value AND gml_exclude_items

Marc-André Trottier marcandre_trottier at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 12 11:49:18 EST 2012

*1) simple type and enumeration value in request=describefeaturetype : Does
TinyOWS will eventually integrate as output, in the next version,
for request describefeaturetype: simpletype and enumeration values of a
particular fields based on these WFS standard?*
*2) gml_exclude_items in request=describefeaturetype : Is it plan in the
next version of TinyOWS to take into account the tag "gml_exclude_items" in
the mapfile? Right now, we have to add an ignore attributes on the client
side to filter on specific fields only.
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