[Cartoweb-dev] how to display and print info in pdf

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Wed Apr 5 14:01:49 EDT 2006

I wrote a new plugin to gather data from spatial and no spatial database, so
I can find and recenter the map on a selected object.

Now I'd like to display and print into pdf, on demand, some info which are
recalled by my plugin (linked to the selected object). Those info could be a
complex html page with text, symbols and images (for example a photo of the
centered building) which I'd like to see under the map; than I want to print
everything into pdf.
I'm studying the export and query plugIn but I'm  so far from a stright

Has this problem already been solved ? Can you suggest a way to display and
print a text ( first a simple text) ?

Thanks in advantage to everybody.
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