[Cartoweb-dev] map bigger in pdf than in image

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Sun Apr 23 19:51:41 EDT 2006

Hi All,
I've developed a new plugin which gathers data from a non spatial database.
After gathering data, I can visualize them and print them into pdf .

My present problem consists on changing the dimension of the map into pdf,
now the whole first page is filled by the map, I'd like to fill only the
higher half page with the same ratio of he map, but the height and weight
parameters seems to work in different way I understood.

A long story short:
how can I set the image parameters of exportPdf.ini so only the top half
page is map filled ?
could the dimensions of the picture affects this situation ?
Now I can set these value for dimensions 460x650, 560x750, 860x950, which
have different ratio .

thanks in advantage and best regards

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