[Cartoweb-dev] map bigger in pdf than in image

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Mon Apr 24 13:19:33 EDT 2006

Hi Alexander,
I've just added the height parameter and seems ok... I get a well print even
if I add other elements, in the way I explained, into other pages .
Only an item : the height parameter manages a window around the map center.
Now if  the map is bigger than the pdf paper I do get only the image inside
the physical frame(see the image below), don't I ? So if I set a map bigger
I miss some. There no a 'convergency' layer, is it ?

|-----------------|  dimension of the map I see
  ^  |--------| ^    dimension of the map I print
Lost |Printed |Lost
    ______________________ printed page 
    | map     |    data   

If so, in order to avoid missing data, I suppose, I ought to create on the
fly another image with the same Box_center but applying the phisical
dimensons of my  printing box (by decreasing/increasing the apparent
resolution) ...
is it right ?


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> Hello,
>  > how can I set the image parameters of exportPdf.ini so only the top
>  > page is map filled ?
> You may set the mainmap block height in exportPdf.ini in order to make 
> it fill only the top half of the PDF page.
> Note that with the exportPdf current state, it only works if you use a 
> single document format (for instance A4) since height can only be set as 
> absolute and not relative (%).
> AS
> giuseppe.derossi at email.it wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > I've developed a new plugin which gathers data from a non spatial
> > After gathering data, I can visualize them and print them into pdf .
> > 
> > 
> > My present problem consists on changing the dimension of the map into
> > now the whole first page is filled by the map, I'd like to fill only the
> > higher half page with the same ratio of he map, but the height and
> > parameters seems to work in different way I understood.
> > 
> > A long story short:
> > how can I set the image parameters of exportPdf.ini so only the top half
> > page is map filled ?
> > could the dimensions of the picture affects this situation ?
> >  
> > Now I can set these value for dimensions 460x650, 560x750, 860x950,
> > have different ratio .
> > 
> > thanks in advantage and best regards
> > 
> > Giu
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