[Cartoweb-dev] How to show the Map

Carolin Latze carolin.latze at unifr.ch
Wed May 23 11:11:16 EDT 2007


I have the same "problem" in the sampleProject. So it is more general
question: How do I get this nice grey map of France which is displayed
in the geostat project? Anyway, I have drop-down menus for scale and
shortcut, which means, there is geographical data in the background... I
seems to be invisible.

Bye and thanks again

Pierre GIRAUD wrote:
> Carolin Latze wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I try to develop my own CartoWeb project, but encountered a little
>> problem. I try to create my project from the sampleProject which worked
>> fine with the keymap of France. But I can't see the Map of France in the
>> bigger Window! I see that there are coordinates on mouse-over and if I
>> click on the map, the clicked region or point will be marked in the
>> keymap, but I do not see anything in the bigger map. It is just white. I
>> do not find the correct configuration to make the map visible. Has
>> anybody a hint?
>> Regards and thanks
>> Carolin
> Sorry for the stupid question but did you clicked on the available
> checkboxes in the themes tab ?
> Regards
> Pierre

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