[Cartoweb-dev] query problem

tamax tamax at geoaim.es
Thu Jun 19 13:41:36 EDT 2008

 I´ve developed and application with Cartoweb and query tool
can only search data from the shapefile layer but I have layers (type
point) that are stored in postgresql-postgis. I´ve added
metadata on them and it has generated the following error when I
select (with query tool) a region which catch some point:
 Class : SoapFaultWrapper Message : Error [8, Trying to get property
of non-object,
/var/www/cartoweb3/coreplugins/query/server/ServerQuery.php, 122]
Backtrace: file: 122 -
/var/www/cartoweb3/coreplugins/query/server/ServerQuery.php call:
Common::cartowebErrorHandler(8, "Trying to get property of
"/var/www/cartoweb3/coreplugins/query/server/ServerQuery.php", 122,
Array(8)) file: 294 -
/var/www/cartoweb3/coreplugins/query/server/ServerQuery.php call:
ServerQuery->resultToTable(Array(1), "mat_aves", "sim_est", Array(0),
Object(TableFlags)) file: 423 -
ServerQuery->queryLayer(Object(Bbox), Object(QuerySelection))  
 Is it possible to query data from a database layer?
 What can I do?
 The application is avaliable in
 Thanks in advance
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