[Cartoweb-users] PGDijkstra installation

Till Adams adams at terrestris.de
Mon Aug 1 04:11:38 EDT 2005

Dear cartoweb-users!

hope this is not totally off-topic, but I have problems installing the 
pgdijkstra postgresql library:

My system is Debian Sarge, postgresql 8.0.3-7 incl. pgxs, umn mapserver 
v4.6 and postgis 1.01.

I copied pgdijkstra to the postgresql-contrib directory (not sure if 
this is correct, because in the installation Readme there is nothing 
about the directory, where pgdijkstra has to be)

I installed the booth-graph-dev liberary via apt-get, verified that the 
path in the makefile is correct and gave him a "make install". I receive 
lots of errors, including that the following files were not found:

dijkstra.c:22:22: error: postgres.h: file not found
dijkstra.c:23:26: error: executor/spi.h: file not found
dijkstra.c:24:21: error: funcapi.h: file not found

postgres.h is in /usr/include/postgresql/8.0/

the other two in the postgresql-sources which I used to install postgres

any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Greetings, Till Adams

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