[Cartoweb-users] Query by attributes question

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Mon Aug 1 03:52:50 EDT 2005


Now I am testing query possibilities and I have some questions:

For example purposes I shall say I have point shapefile with ID and NAME
attributes set in its dbf file. I want to search for NAME attribute
using searh form. As I can see, the way to do it is using id recentering
fields. So if I want to search by NAME attributes I have to set NAME as
id_attribute_string in my map file? 

So I set:
    "id_attribute_string" "NAME|string"
    "query_returned_attributes" "NAME" 

Using query I get the result table in which I have two identical
columns, one for id (that is set to NAME) and the other for NAME (that
is set by query_returned_attributes). Can I avodi this? If I comment the
"query_returned_attributes" "NAME" line then I get even worse result
(two ID fields - Id and ID, where Id is NAME)




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