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Alexandre Fellay alexandre.fellay at camptocamp.com
Mon Aug 8 06:01:30 EDT 2005

The most important optimization for shapefiles is the spatial indexing 
using shptree. You can find the windows version (shptree.exe), along 
with many other useful .exe on http://fwtools.maptools.org/. After 
executing shptree on you .shp, you'll have a new file with .qix 
extension that contains the spatial index.
Your files being not so huge, I don't think tiling is necessary.
Avoid unnecessary transparencies.
Another point I would try to enhance is the RAM : 384 Mo is doubtless 
too light for a cartographic server if you expect correct performances.

A small detail about your mapfile: in the following layer, COLOR and 
OUTLINECOLOR directly in the CLASS object are useless; these config 
should be always in STYLE objects.

  NAME a_parking
  TYPE Point
  DATA a_parking
        Name 'Parking de transit'
        COLOR 0 255 255
        OUTLINECOLOR 0 0 0
        SYMBOL "Parking"
        COLOR 0 255 255
        OUTLINECOLOR 0 0 0
        END # STYLE
     END  # CLASS

Hope this helps

Alexandre Fellay

Caussin David wrote:

> Hi Again,
> 1. I'm working on a pc win2000 CPU 1.5GHz 392.688 KB RAM
> 2. My installation is WAMP5 (APACHE 1.3.33, PHP 5.0.4, SQLITEMANAGER 
> 1.0.4, MYSQL   4.1.10a)
> 3. My project is for the intranet of my entreprise (for the moment my 
> project is only for a demo)
> 4. I use only shapefiles (the smaller is 311 bytes and the bigger is 
> 11,1 Mb)

> 6. i know that a optimization must be done but i couldn't find the 
> file shp2tile for windows.... i don't have linux..
> If you need some more informations, there are no problem because it is 
> very important for me to develop a working demo of that....
> In advance thanks for all
> Regards
> Caussin David
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