[Cartoweb-users] Query in layer with CLASS

Caussin David David.Caussin at brucity.be
Tue Aug 9 04:10:15 EDT 2005


I ask the question again about the query in a layer with class.

In fact, i have a layer with many class and when i query it all the elements in the class of the layer are highlighted.
I have take a look in the shp file to see if the elements are not only one polygon but there are independants.

I can't see from where that come.

Another question is about the zoom in the reference map.
At the beginning i have a good view with all the city.
When i zoom in no problem i have the good zoom on the main screen and on the reference map.
But when i want to move the zoom rectangle with the reference map, the result is wrong. 
The rectangle of the zoom go to the bottom of the reference map and display nothing.....

Any help is welcome.

David Caussin
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