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Caussin David David.Caussin at brucity.be
Wed Aug 24 04:14:46 EDT 2005


I have a problem.....

i have 2 polygon layers. For exemple 1 with cadastral pieces and 1 with zone of assignment (agricultural zone, forest zone,....).

I want that when i click on one cadastral piece, have the attributs of this one and the attributs of the second layer.

There are no problem if the cadastral piece is in one zone but when it is on differents zones i have only the attributs 1 zones (the zone on which I clicked)
Normal....It is with Querybypoint....

The idea is to use a second query after Querybypoint, ....Querybyshape but i don't know how to set up this.

Is there some one that could help me???

It is very important for me 

In advance freat thanks....
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