[Cartoweb-users] CartoWeb and projections & dynamic filtering

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Thu Aug 25 08:12:35 EDT 2005

CW3 offers a wide range of tools and methods to build plugins. We 
understand it may look confusing for newcomers but actually it is not 
that complicated.

I suggest you'd take a look at client/ClientPlugin.php and 
server/ServerPlugin.php, those files listing most of the interfaces that 
plugins may implement and thus the methods/entry points made available.
More info may be found here:

I was considering creating a single-page PDF summarizing plugins 
interfaces/methods and a time line of the interface-methods calls in CW3.

Concerning your plugin, I'have not much thought about how to do it yet. 
At least can I suggest you to consider implementing the following 
- client side: GuiProvider (to deal with the user inputs => HTML, 
REQUEST vars...), ServerCaller (communication with the server-side part)
- server side: ClientResponder (communication with client-side part).

About map object reference, try considering the MapInfo object. You may 
print it to figure out what it looks like. See Cartoclient::getMapInfo().


Sebastian Albrecht wrote:
> at the moment I try to understand CartoWeb but it is not very easy
> although I have an - unusual for most open source projects - very
> advanced documentation.
> The plugin development might be very easy and comfortable but I don't
> get the start. Which interfaces to implement, which methods to
> implement and how to obtain a map object reference for doing own
> changings to the map parameters? And when would these changings have
> to be made and will other plugins simply overwrite them later in the
> chain?!

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