[Cartoweb-users] How to set extent properly

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Wed Jul 20 05:52:00 EDT 2005

Thanks Alexandre,

Do you mean I should fix the map width defined in images.ini file? I
have tried that by settint the ratio of mapsizes.width and
mapsizes.height to be similar to (xmax-xmin)/(ymax-ymin) ratio defined
in EXTENT. It is better but not completely because I still don't see a
little bit of the extent on the right side of my map. I didn't
completely understand the thing about the margin too.

many thanks

regards, dejan

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You have to take into account the width/height ratio of your image. In 
your case, ymin and ymax correspond probably to the vertical extent 
defined in the mapfile. This, with the height, sets the scale; and at 
this scale your image width doesn't cover the whole horizontal extent.
Try to have a better fit between the extent and the width/height ratio, 
specially if you have a very small margin around your largest objects in

the map. Or consider slighlty extending the extent.
Alexandre Fellay

Gambin Dejan wrote:

>It is probably a stupid simple thing but my map is not showing all the 
>data at full extent. I have
>EXTENT 5404200.000000 4965100.000000 5414801.000000 4974500.000000
>defined in my_map.map file and
>mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.location.bbox = "5404200, 4965100, 
>5414801, 4974500"
>defined in my_map.ini file. I am displaying a polygon shapefile that 
>has extent of 5404797 4966046 5414801 4974248 but it is not shown 
>completely on my map. The coords are not the same, for example max x 
>coord on map is 4967680 (it should be 4974500).
>Any help?
>thanks and regards
>dejan gambin
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