[Cartoweb-users] Minimal project

Eduard Witteveen e.witteveen at HAWARIT.COM
Mon Jun 6 10:08:01 EDT 2005

Dear List,

Currently im trying to get the basics to work with cartoweb. I've 
downloaded the version with the demo and made it working, after which i 
started creating my own project.

My project has currently the following layout:

> ├───htdocs
> │ │ hawarit.php
> │ │
> │ └───hawarit
> └───projects
> └───hawarit
> └───server_conf
> │ server.ini
>> └───hawarit
> │ hawarit.ini
> │ hawarit.map
>> ├───data
(more references from the mapfile)

And i can succesfully retrieve generate the image by using the following 

When i now retrieve the url: http://localhost:8080/hawarit.php i get a 
empty string back. Could someone give me some pointers/help to what a 
minimal project should contain?

Some other notes:
- I try to signup on the cartoweb-users at lists.maptools.org list, but i 
dont get any response email from the server
- Can i view a archive of this list somewhere?
(thus please send a reply to me ;) )

- Are there otherways to communicate about cartoweb? (irc?)

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Hawar Information Technology bv   lid Dijkoraad Groep
De Wymerts 7  8701 WT                        Bolsward
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