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Daniel daniel.faivre at camptocamp.com
Wed Nov 2 08:29:12 EST 2005


At c2c, we have developped two things which could help a bit:

1) We have coded some templates for a pocketPC screen (320x240). It rans 
correctly on minimo, but was still buggy on PIE. It was just a fast 
draft for a propasal, but it pointed out that cartoweb could run on such 
platforms. May you have coded your own "small templates for that ?"

2) On the second hand, we are coding an "ajax version of cartoweb", 
which is currently in work at c2c. Theses technologies signicantly 
enhance the speed of website navigation.

3) For the first time, and for a specific application, you could put in 
your templates local paths instead of web paths ;-) For the initial map, 
a browser-side javascript (or a modification of Cartoweb) is required.



christian.schmid at stud.fhbb.ch wrote:

>Are there some possibilities to cache cartoclient-data like toolbar-icons,
>legend-symbols, the initial map, etc. local on the client computer for loading
>the website faster ? (We work with a mobile Pocket PC )
>Thanks for your answer
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