[Cartoweb-users] Error message: Looks like we are not inside a cartoweb3 directory

Oliver Ishmael oliver_ishmael at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 15 09:44:58 EST 2005

Hi everyone!

I have been attempting to install Cartoweb3 (with php 5.0.3, Mapserver 4.5, 
Mapscript, Gettext etc) on Windows through the command line. Based on the 
information in info.php all pre-requiste software seems to be installed but 
then i get the followifng error when installling Cartoweb3:

C:\wamp\php>php c:\wamp\cartoweb3\cw3setup.php --install

Error during installation:

The installation process encountered an error and was aborted.
See the messagebelow for an explanation of the problem.
If you want more information to find out the problem, try again with the 
If you think you found a bug in the installer or want support,
mail cartoweb-users at lists.maptools.org with the full output
of the installer launched with the --debug parameter.

Error message: Looks like we are not inside a cartoweb3 directory

Installation Aborted

c:\wamp\php>php c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\cw3setup.php --debug
Installer version $Revision: 1.65 $ win32
No action given, doing nothing. Use --help to see usage

As you can see i'm not too sure about the syntax used for debugging and 
can't see how else
to call php.exe if not from the php folder. How do i do this from within a 
cartoweb3 directory??

Thoroughly looking forward to getting started so hope to hear from you soon
and many thanks in advance


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