[Cartoweb-users] Error message: Looks like we are not inside a cartoweb3 directory

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Tue Nov 15 10:04:58 EST 2005


as suggested in the error message ("Looks like we are not inside a 
cartoweb3 directory"), you must launch the cw3setup.php script from
c:\wamp\cartoweb3\ and not from C:\wamp\php.

Try the following commands:
cd c:\wamp\cartoweb3
php cw3setup.php --install

C:\wamp\php\php cw3setup.php --install
if C:\wamp\php is not in your PATH. Setting the PATH info is explained in
(first note in "CartoWeb Setup with DOS").



Oliver Ishmael wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I have been attempting to install Cartoweb3 (with php 5.0.3, Mapserver 
> 4.5, Mapscript, Gettext etc) on Windows through the command line. Based 
> on the information in info.php all pre-requiste software seems to be 
> installed but then i get the followifng error when installling Cartoweb3:
> C:\wamp\php>php c:\wamp\cartoweb3\cw3setup.php --install
> installing
> Error during installation:
> The installation process encountered an error and was aborted.
> See the messagebelow for an explanation of the problem.
> If you want more information to find out the problem, try again with the 
> --debug
> parameter.
> If you think you found a bug in the installer or want support,
> mail cartoweb-users at lists.maptools.org with the full output
> of the installer launched with the --debug parameter.
> Error message: Looks like we are not inside a cartoweb3 directory
> Installation Aborted
> c:\wamp\php>php c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\cw3setup.php --debug
> Installer version $Revision: 1.65 $ win32
> No action given, doing nothing. Use --help to see usage
> As you can see i'm not too sure about the syntax used for debugging and 
> can't see how else
> to call php.exe if not from the php folder. How do i do this from within 
> a cartoweb3 directory??
> Thoroughly looking forward to getting started so hope to hear from you soon
> and many thanks in advance
> Olly
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