[Cartoweb-users] CartoWeb 3.1.0 is released!

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Thu Nov 17 14:34:09 EST 2005

Hello CartoWeb fans! ;)

Even if it is no more a scoop for some of you, we, at Camptocamp, would 
like to let you know that CartoWeb version 3.1.0  is released and freely 
available for download at http://cartoweb.org/downloads.html !

Changes are listed below and at http://cartoweb.org/changelog.html

Among great improvements and new functionalities, you will find for 
instance a couple of Windows Installers. CartoWeb installation on 
Windows is now really easy: launch WAMP installer (Apache+PHP5), launch 
CartoWeb installer (MapServer+CartoWeb), reboot Apache. That's it! What 
about the demo data? Launch the demo data installer as well! ;)

Several demos are available online at http://cartoweb.org/demo.html and 
show quite comprehensively what CartoWeb can do.

Last, CartoWeb companion site (http://cartoweb.org/) has been redesigned 
and now offers improved browsing and additional content: demos, 
contribs, tools, various documentations, questions-and-answers, 
migration tips, etc.

For more info about CartoWeb, please visit http://cartoweb.org/

Thanks for using CartoWeb!

Camptocamp Team

CartoWeb 3.1.0 ChangeLog
* Redesigned DHTML map interface as a convenient object-oriented API.
* Added JavaScript constraints for polygons: maximum number of points, 
no crossing.
* Added new improved tabs interface.
* Added support of styles with shapes and labels in outline plugin.
* Added new profile parameter for quick development/production switch.
* Added possibility to separate toolbar icons in several groups 
dispatched wherever in the interface layout.
* Improved PDF export plugin:
   o Support for multiline text blocks ;
   o Support for external data source (files, databases) for text blocks ;
   o Debugged overview extent ;
   o Customizable overview outline colors ;
   o Overview can use viewer keymap.
* Redesigned installation script. Added Windows installation wizard 
(.exe installer).
* Added views plugin.
* Added routing plugin.
* Added layers reordering plugin.
* Added raw-image output switch.
* Renamed class Serializable to CwSerializable (for PHP 5.0.4+ 
* Added possibility to create output-format specific tables rules (eg. 
only for PDF, only for HTML, only for CSV...).
* Switched most private plugins methods and members to "protected" in 
order to facilitate plugin extension.
* Added support for dynamic mapfiles (generation using PHP templates) 
and multiple mapfiles switching.
* Added support for dynamic changes on layers tree (aka "layers children 
* Moved I18n PO files to projects directories.
* Optimized export plugins (HTML, CSV, PDF, etc.) that now uses the main 
CartoWeb page (separated export.php pages are deprecated).

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