[Cartoweb-users] cw3setup error

Maurizio Esposito mauesp at libero.it
Wed Nov 23 05:33:15 EST 2005

Hi List,
it is my first install of cartoweb 3.1 on WinXP ProSP2
Basic installation works fine, now I'm trying to install plugindemo , 
following instructions in user manual step by step.
In Postgres all tables are ok.
But when I need to configure DB connection using "php cw3setup.php --install --config-from-file etc. etc"
I get this error: Parse Error: parse error , unexpected $end in c:\wamp\www\cartoweb\cw3setup.php on line 1200.
To avoid some newbie mistake I tryed also :
php cw3setup.php -v (and --version)
php cw3setup.php -h (and --help)
but error message is always the same.
Any help much appreciated, thanks

Maurizio Esposito 
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