[Cartoweb-users] Minimal Project

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Nov 24 02:41:59 EST 2005

Hi Maurizio,

It seems the parameter cartoclientBaseUrl is missing. Please verify if it is
present, either in the client.ini file located in cartoweb3\client_conf\ or

If it is not the case, please run the cw3setup.php script with the option :

php cw3setup.php --install --base-url http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs/

(note: http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs/ is the address which corresponds
to the cartoweb3/htdocs directory)

Please refer to
setup ) for a list of setup parameters and some exemples

Oliver Christen

Hi List,
I'm trying to use data from an old mapserver project in Cartoweb.
OS WinXp Pro Sp2, installed and working CW3 from win installer (downloaded
Nov 21) , Postgis .
My first attempt has been to start with minimal project, as suggested in
thread "Minimal Project" of Jun 09 to Eduard Witteveen
and I did this following instructions step by step.
I have also downloaded the working project posted by Eduard himself , and I
realized   this project too close follows instructions.
But when I point my browser to http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs/minimal.php
I get these error messages:

An exception in early stage occured:
object(CartoclientException)#35 (7) {
  string(48) "You need to set cartoclientBaseUrl in client.ini"
  string(566) "You need to set cartoclientBaseUrl in client.ini

file: 403 - c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\client\Cartoclient.php
call: ClientConfig->__construct(Object(ClientProjectHandler))

file: 550 - c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\client\Cartoclient.php
call: Cartoclient->getConfig()

file: 362 - c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\client\Cartoclient.php
call: Cartoclient->initializePlugins()

file: 36 - c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\htdocs\client.php
call: Cartoclient->__construct()

file: 3 - c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\htdocs\minimal.php
call: require_once("c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\htdocs\client.php")
and a very long listing of data.
What did I wrong?
My real target is succeed in displaying a map working with a basic mapserver
(file.map , file.shp ) and build my project on this basis.

Any help much appreciated, thanks
Maurizio Esposito

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