[Cartoweb-users] Folder Structures

Paul Shapley p.shapley at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 07:38:59 EST 2005

Hello again,

I just need to understand a couple of things about the folder
structure of Cartoweb3. Firstly, i'm assuming that in order for the
demo to work with my own data i need to ensure that 'cw3setup.php' is
pointing to the ../cartoweb3/htdocs folder.

Secondly, there are two 'My_Project' folders in the following locations

.../cartoweb3/htdocs/My_Project/ ...and

again i'm assuming that the 'htdocs' is the only one i need to concern
myself with.

Could someone confirm my confusion (easily done)!.

As i understand this i need to copy the 'demoCW3' folder from
.../cartoweb3/htdocs to the '.../cartoweb3/htdocs/My_Project' folder
and copy the demoCW3.php (from htdocs) into the same location
(My_Project). I then change the 'ENV variable' to 'My_Project' and
save with an alternative name to demoCW3.php (this last bit i'm not
sure i've understood).

Can you confirm that i'm pointing the files in the right places.

Many thanks,

Paul Shapley

P.S Sorry to go on about this, i just need to understand the setup in
'laymans' terms.

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