[Cartoweb-users] pop up window by querying shapefiles

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Fri Oct 28 03:25:13 EDT 2005

I would suggest you to use something like following (in recent Cartoweb 
CVS version) :

<script >
    EventManager.Add(window, 'load', function() { window.open(... 
'my_link'..);}, false);

But, don't really know how to retrieve the link with the table plugin usage.

In your application, what if you have several shapes queried ? Do you 
one different link for each shape that can open one different PDF file ?

What about a tiny plugin that collect informations from the query plugin 
and parses a simple template with a content as suggested above ?



christian.schmid at stud.fhbb.ch a écrit :

>I have a question concerning queries.
>My wish would be to open a PDF Document with a mouseclick on a shape in the
>mainmap instead of generating a table.
>The shape object's url link is allready displayed in the generated table. The
>PDF-File can be opened over this link.
>It would be nice to have when this would happen with one single mouseclick.
>Is it possible to access the Documents URL and open it inside the funtion where
>the URL is written into the table?
>It would then be possible to push the popup beside and watch at the table at the
>same time.
>For Help Thanks very much
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