[Cartoweb-users] Can't load mapscript library - Suse 10

frequens frequens at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 03:54:29 EDT 2006

On 4/7/06, Pebble Puppy <pebble_puppy at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Aha!  Got it!  The apache log was the clue...the current directory that it
> was looking for is the directory which contained client.php.
> Once I copied php_mapscript.so into /usr/local/cartoweb3/htdocs then in a
> browser ran http://localhost/cartoweb/client.php the client web page came
> up.  Not sure if this is the correct configuration, but at least I'm this
> far.

Still, it looks you have got a decent mess there :-)

/usr/local/mapserver-4.8.2/mapscript/php3 is a mapserver souce/compile
directory and should not be in /usr/local

having cartoweb3 in /usr/local/ is also rather weird, the usual
location on Suse10 would be /srv/www/htdocs/carto.....

php_mapscript.so in the cartoweb3 web directory
/usr/local/cartoweb3/htdocs is also unusual and generally means your
mapscript is only available to cartoweb

I would suggest sorting things out nice/clean/tidy as the problems
usually pile up next time.
With multiple versions of files lying around, you are on the road.



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