[Cartoweb-users] Can't load mapscript library - Suse 10

Pebble Puppy pebble_puppy at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 6 23:39:33 EDT 2006

Aha!  Got it!  The apache log was the clue...the current directory that it 
was looking for is the directory which contained client.php.

Once I copied php_mapscript.so into /usr/local/cartoweb3/htdocs then in a 
browser ran http://localhost/cartoweb/client.php the client web page came 
up.  Not sure if this is the correct configuration, but at least I'm this 

Thanks again for the help frequens.

Regards, Bob

>From what you wrote, this seems to be the right place.
>Next, I would check the permissions on the folders you created,
>also check whether apache-->php user can access the php_mapscript.so
>Also apache error_log might be helpful, if php is configured (php.ini)
>to write its messages there (otherwise change some settings (all
>messaages, where to write...) there.
>In general I have found the easiest (on Suse 10/64 bit) to have all
>the self compiled installs (php, gdal, proj, ecw, geos.... in
>/usr/local). There they are usually first sought and first found.
>But, be aware of multiple installations/version, as they can get you nuts 
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