[Cartoweb-users] Map with predefined layers...

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Tue Apr 11 06:59:24 EDT 2006


You have several solutions for your needs :

- there is a get parameter you can set in Cartoweb in order to load 
specific layers : ' layer_select'. You can pass a list of coma seperated 
layer ids. Note that 'layer_unselect' also exists.
- you can also set several initialMapStates in your myMapId.ini file 



Mathieu Coudert wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I’m trying to load maps in my browser with predefined Layers and I 
> would like to set this layers using the URL .
> So I think about two possibilities but I’m not sure it works.
> First, maybe I could load a map by the URL with parameters such as 
> http:/…../index.php?layers=myLayer ... This is the way mapserver could 
> work as CGI. Could we make the same with cartoweb?
> Or could I load a map using Cartoweb views? I've seen in the doc that 
> a view could be loaded using URL 
> http://<cartoweb/client/base/url>?handleView=1&viewLoad=1&viewLoadId=<viewId 
> <http://%3ccartoweb/client/base/url%3e?handleView=1&viewLoad=1&viewLoadId=%3cviewId>> 
> If I create a view with predefined layers maybe I can load it by the 
> URL? How can I store a list of layers in a view?
> Any ideas how to solve this?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mathieu
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