[Cartoweb-users] more than a page into pdf et al.

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Thu Apr 13 03:57:34 EDT 2006


I've got my query results to be displayed under the map  and I can print
into pdf some chuncks of text and images, and I'm so close to my solution.
Anyway there are some issues :

the text I print into one block into the pdf, could fill more than a page
and if so the text, which should  fill the next page, is simply cut. Is
 a simple way by using the parameters in exportPdf.ini file in order to
that ? The text source could be both a text file and a query.

The image in pdf is a bit more zoomed than what I see, so  the selected
object in the map is ok,the same object in the pdf box could be not
complete. The more
is the zoom, the more evident is the error.

I'm using Cartoweb 3.2 in winxp Env.

Thanks in advantage 


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