[Cartoweb-users] failure - cannot find

Kenton Williams Kenton_Williams at umit.maine.edu
Thu Apr 20 11:16:25 EDT 2006


I have another error that I cannot figure out on my first Cartoweb project.  It is a child layer not found error, here is the output:

Class : CartoclientException
Message : Child layer boundarylines not found

file: 474 - /home/cgdweb/site/cgddemo/cartoweb3/coreplugins/layers/client/ClientLayers.php
call: LayerNode->setChildren(Array(31), Null)

file: 492 - /home/cgdweb/site/cgddemo/cartoweb3/coreplugins/layers/client/ClientLayers.php
call: ClientLayers->getLayerNode()

file: 512 - /home/cgdweb/site/cgddemo/cartoweb3/coreplugins/layers/client/ClientLayers.php
call: ClientLayers->getLayersSecurityFiltered()

file: 525 - /home/cgdweb/site/cgddemo/cartoweb3/coreplugins/layers/client/ClientLayers.php
call: ClientLayers->getLayers()


The child layer boundarylines is defined in my layers.ini file, the contents of which appear below:

layers.root.className = LayerGroup
layers.root.children = AllMaine, Urban, Wetlands, boundarylines, water, roads
layers.root.rendering = tree

layers.AllMaine.className = Layer
layers.AllMaine.label = All of Maine

layers.Urban.className = Layer
layers.Urban.label = Urban Areas

layers.Wetlands.className = Layer
layers.Wetlands.label = Wetlands

layers.boundarylines.className = LayerGroup
layers.boundarylines.label = Boundary Lines
layers.boundarylines.children = TownLines, Counties
layers.boundarylines.rendering = tree

layers.water.className = LayerGroup
layers.water.label = Water Bodies
layers.water.children = BigWater, MedScaleWater, SmScaleWater
layers.water.aggregate = true

layers.roads.className = LayerGroup
layers.roads.label = Roads
layers.roads.rendering = tree
layers.roads.children = LocalRds, SecRds, SpecRds, Interstate

Since this is my first cartoweb project, I am still figuring out the little details.  To me, it appears that the child layer boundarylines IS defined (in my layers.ini file), and I'm not sure what I did wrong.  Any assistance would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Kenton Williams

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