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Hi Rim

Cartoweb use a caching system to increase performances. By default this 
caching system is activated and any change to the template will not be 
visible unless you do a cw3setup with the --clean option (see 
point Cleaning Generated Files (Map, PDF, Temporary Files and 
Smarty Cache) )

you can deactivate the caching temporarily while developing your 
application. Set the profile = developement in the client.ini (you can set 
it in the main client.ini or you can set it by project)


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  hi alls,
  i' am new user of cartoweb,  i' have chosen this framework to developp my  own webmapping application. I succeded to make my own project and display my own data . 
  i'am trying to make changes on templates   to customize my interface but i can't do it.
  I have made changes in the cartoclient.tpl but no result : the interface still unchanged
   if someone can help me i will be so gratefull
  Thanks for your time

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