[Cartoweb-users] Re: Cartoweb-users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 29

Frédéric Junod frederic.junod at camptocamp.com
Fri Apr 21 02:49:52 EDT 2006


Did you install php from our debian repository ?

Otherwise, follow the instructions from

Then you should have the php5-c2cms-cgi package installed. To check,
    dpkg -l | grep php5-* 
in a console. (It should return 2 lines)

Then you need to tell bash where to find the php command:

    ln -s /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5-c2cms /usr/bin/php

Et voilà, you can now invoke php from the console and install cartoweb.

Le jeudi 20 avril 2006 à 22:10 +0100, Baroudi Malek a écrit :
> He
> It is not possible to do these in Debian .
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