[Cartoweb-users] failure - cannot find

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at camptocamp.com
Fri Apr 21 04:32:29 EDT 2006

You also have to pay attention to the caching system. You probably have 
a correctly written layers.ini file, but maybe the error continues to be 
shown due to cache.

What is your defined profile ? (development, production)
Did you try to launch the following command ?
  cw3setup.php --clean



oliver wrote:

> Hi Kenton
> What happens if you try to display the TownLines and Counties layers 
> separatly
> (layers.root.children = AllMaine, Urban, Wetlands, TownLines, 
> Counties, water, roads) ?
> your config file seems ok but it could be a problem with the 
> boundarylines children elements.
> also you could try to change the name of the layergroup boundarylines, 
> maybe some weird conflict with a reserved keyword occure (I would be 
> surprised but one never know).
> Regards
> Oliver

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