[Cartoweb-users] a couple of questions

Kenton Williams Kenton_Williams at umit.maine.edu
Sat Apr 22 13:16:02 EDT 2006

Yves Jacolin <yjacolin at free.fr> on Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 3:31 AM -0500 wrote:
>Did you test using the name of the layergroup :
>mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.layergroup.selected = true ?

Actually, I did set this.  I'm using the tree rendering mode, and I attempted to have the default state be unfolded, which is still not working (mapInfo.initialMapstates.default.layers.boundarylines.unfolded = true).  I'm working in development
mode, so I wonder if it's a caching issue.  The layergroups are now not rendering at all upon initially launching my cartoweb project, so I think it could be related to the cache.  I also need to put the .selected = true lines back in my mapfile.ini
file.  Apologies!

It turns out most of my problems were arising from permissions on files and folders.  I got most of them resolved by setting up a chron that runs chmod on the entire cartoweb3 folder recursively to set the permissions to the web server user.  It
also performs a chown recursively so that all of the files in the cartoweb folder belong to the web server user.  This chron is performed hourly, so if I make a mistake and log in with the wrong user name when I ftp in my files, they'll be corrected
within an hour.

To fix the minimum scale problem, I had to set scaleModeDiscrete = false in my server_conf/location.ini file (actually the .ini.in).  This makes it so that you can zoom in or out at any arbitrary scale.  Setting this to true means that you cannot
zoom to any scale other than those that are defined in th e server_conf/location.ini file.

To clear the cache, I have to run cw3setup.php with the --clean option first, then run cw3setup.php --install --base-url http://your_base_url/cartoweb3/htdocs/ and add the --profile development.  I will change from development once everything else
is configured correctly.

In my message, I put the wrong URL.  Here's the correct one:


Sorry about the error on the URL!  

Kenton W.

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