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Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Sat Apr 22 03:31:06 EDT 2006

Le Samedi 22 Avril 2006 00:35, Kenton Williams a écrit :
> Hello,
> I have finally gotten my Cartoweb project rendering, and now the
> customizing needs to be done.  I have a couple of questions:
How did you correct the problem ? What are they ?
> I am using Decimal Degrees for my units, and the demoCW3 project that I
> modified to make my project has coordinates displayed as integers.  I
> assume that this is because the original demoCW3 project is in meters. 
> Also, the coordinate indication text has the word coordinates in french. 
> How do I change these?
I don't know sorry. Maybe look for in the cgd.map
oh, yes, here what I found : 
you have part 7. Layer :
SIZEUNITS [pixels|feet|inches|kilometers|meters|miles|
choose yours !
> I have attempted several times to remove the limits on the minimum scale in
> my project.  Once you have zoomed in to a particular level, no amount of
> zooming in has any further effect.  Where do I set my minimum scale so I
> can zoom in further. Again, I assume that this is related to my data being
> in DD where the demoCW3 data was in meters.
You need to set/change the parameter minScale/maxScale in location.ini in 
More parameter here :

You can setup this in the cgd.map as well !
> I have three layerGroups in my layers.ini file.  I have managed to get them
> to load with the tree expanded, and all child layers are selected as I
> desire, but the checkboxes next to the layerGroup name itself is always
> empty.  How do I force this to be selected when all of the other child
> layers are selected?
Did you test using the name of the layergroup :
mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.layergroup.selected = true ?
> Thanks for all the assistance the group has provided over the last few
> days!
> www.geodatacommons.umaine.edu/cgddemo/htdocs/cgd_mapfile.php
Well, I got an error page :-(

> Kenton W.
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Yves Jacolin

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