[Cartoweb-users] gettext problem

Peter Weiland pweiland.tks2003 at fh-salzburg.ac.at
Tue Apr 25 17:15:30 EDT 2006

> change 
>> de ISO-8859-1
>> en ISO-8859-1
> to:
> de_DE.ISO-8859-1 
> en_GB.ISO-8859-1

which file did you mean and what should the line look like?
something like this i thought "fr    fr_CH.ISO-8859-1"

> It's is also significant to control the version of gettext (for sarge):

gettext and gettext-base is installed (version 0.14.5-2)

> and that the php module is really loaded :

yes it is

> If all what is above is correct, try again "testgettext.php", that should be 
> ok !
unfortunately not


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