[Cartoweb-users] Layer trees and selected layers problems

Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Thu Apr 27 10:36:41 EDT 2006

Le Mercredi 26 Avril 2006 21:19, Kenton Williams a écrit :
> I have attached my mapfile, my mapfile.ini.in file, and my layers.ini file.
>  Can anyone tell me why these layers are not being selected by default?  I
> have even tried setting the layerGroups as selected by default with no
> success.  While running in development mode, will problems like this occur?
Where are the files ?
If it can help you, here is my test.ini files content :
mapInfo.loadPlugins = exportPdf, outline, mapOverlay, edit, layerReorder, 
mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.reg_centre.selected = true
mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.dep_centre.selected = true
mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.cartoweb_point_outline.hidden = true
mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.cartoweb_line_outline.hidden = true
mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.cartoweb_polygon_outline.hidden = true

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