[Cartoweb-users] PHP 5.2.0 / CW3.3.0

Sidonie Christophe Sidonie.Christophe at ign.fr
Thu Dec 7 11:06:16 EST 2006

Hi everybody,


I installed ms4w 2.2.1(for other applications) : 

Apache 2.2.3

PHP 5.2.0

MS 4.10.0

When I try ../cartoweb3/htdocs/index.html, I always have this fatal error:
Fatal error: Cannot call private Accounting::__construct() 
in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/cartoweb3/client/ClientAccounting.php on line
I've seen in other messages that PHP 5.2.0 are not compliant with the
current version 3.3.0 due to the php_mapscript.dll
I'd just like to know if you have an idea about when it'll be taken care of.
Just to organize my servers and me..
Sidonie Christophe


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