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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed Dec 20 02:11:38 EST 2006

First you will need data concerning roads and paths.
Depending in which country you live, you can get this data for free. (for 
exemple in the USA http://www.uiowa.edu/~geog/health/index6.html)
Then some treatment is necessary so it can be used for routing. This is 
explained in the doc (http://www.cartoweb.org/contribs.html) (if you use a 
windows system http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/PgdijkstraWin32) and there is 
also a website treating of this problematic and proposing a tutorial 

Once a route has been calculated between two point, the distance and objects 
(attractions) in the path can be easily obtained with some spatial SQL 
queries. These functionnalities are not included but can be added without 
too much difficulties (for someone knowing sql and php, thats it).

So the short answer is, yes it is possible, but it will need some work.


> Thanks guys
> I will most certainly work through the mentioned docs and links. One of 
> the
> functionality I want is to do routing (which is available) but I want to
> know how far is the route and also what tourist attractions are on my way 
> to
> my destination. Lastly, I want the system to generate a list of place I am
> going to or drive trough, distances between them and contact detail. Let 
> me
> explain further. If I have for each town and emergency number, or I have 
> my
> hotel I am heading to , contact number, I want to know the distance I am
> going to drive to reach my destination and also the contact detail of the
> hotel.
> Andre
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> Hello Andresch,
> CartoWeb is both a framework that enables you to build your own advanced
> applications on top of it (it's quite likely that you'll have to write
> some PHP code then) and a ready-to-use web-GIS that offers built-in
> functionalities you may use only by configuring it.
> Most of CartoWeb built-in functionalities are viewable in the demos:
> http://cartoweb.org/demo.html
> If you already have shapefiles and mapfiles it's a good start. It should
> be no big deal to have your data work in CartoWeb, browse your maps and
> make some queries.
> CartoWeb plugins configuration is generally achieved by editiong some
> simple text files. It is described in the "user" section of CartoWeb 
> manual:
> http://cartoweb.org/doc/cw3.0/xhtml/cartoweb.user.html
> As pointed by Max, there's also useful tips in the wiki. For instance,
> the "How To" section and the "CartoWeb for Beginners" workshop that was
> given at the FOSS4G'06 conference in sept 06:
> http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/Foss4g06Workshops
> Best regards,
> AS
> andresch at iway.na wrote:
>> Hi Max
>> First, Thanks for the feedback.
>> I have already managed to learn how to built a mapserver map file, but
>> do not know PHP, Javascript, etc.
>> I have a friend that does, but he seems not interested helping -
>> waisting my time.
>> I also know GIS and am using Arcmap. The issue is I want urgently to
>> finish building the portal framework and design the website so that I
>> can try and sellmy idea. As long as it is still in my head - nobody
>> will want to buy it. Where can I go without spending too much money -
>> whileI still have no client. I am more than willing to learn, but this
>> takes time and I would like to be able to start presenting solutions
>> early next year.
>> This is the problem I have with most of the opensource stuff. I tried
>> mapbender = nobody bothered to answer my email.
>> p.mapper = same story
>> geoserver = very limited responce
>> native mapserver = wel I have it up and running but does not provide
>> allI need and the responce is also limited.
>> Well, lets see that is the situation with Cartoweb...
>> Andre
>> Skype: andreschoonbee
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>> From: Max Ueda <mhanzo at yahoo.com>
>> Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 1:00 pm
>> Subject: Re: [Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb Functionality
>>>Hi Andresch,
>>>Well, like you, I had some difficulties to develop a
>>>web-based system by using Cartoweb, and tried several
>>>frameworks, servers, clients, etc.
>>>Some pages can help you to build your portal:
>>>The FOSS4G06 Workshop. I could manage to set up the
>>>things by reading this file
>>>And also, some Map Server stuff:
>>>It has some info on how to make mapfiles, and how to
>>>config data to be used.
>>>You'll also need to learn some Smarty, JavaScript, PHP
>>>stuff and web servers.
>>>I hope this can help you.
>>>Max Ueda
>>>--- andresch at iway.na wrote:
>>>>I have downloaded and installed Cartoweb as well as
>>>>MS4W. All running
>>>>fine. My question, how easy would it be to ge going
>>>>with cartoweb if
>>>>all my data is in Arcview format (.Shp). I also have
>>>>a mapserver map
>>>>I want to built a tourist portal with searching and
>>>>routing and want
>>>>to know if Cartoweb could meet my requirements.
>>>>If Cartoweb can meetmy requirements, how accessable
>>>>is skills/support?
>>>>Skype: andreschoonbee
>>>>MSN: apschoonbee at msn.com
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