[Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb 3.1 Mapscript problem

fnavarza at cts.udec.cl fnavarza at cts.udec.cl
Tue Jan 3 09:00:31 EST 2006

Hi, i follow the instructions to install cartoweb3.1 on a debian sarge
System but, when i finish to install all the libraries the Info.php send
me this information:

Warning: dl() [function.dl]:  æù@pòî@: Unable to initialize module Module
compiled with module API=20041030, debug=0, thread-safety=0 PHP compiled
with module API=20050922, debug=0, thread-safety=0 These options need to
match in /home/fnavarza/public_html/cartoweb3/htdocs/info.php on line 9
 WARNING: can't load mapscript library.

I try to solution the problem in many ways, but y cant locate the base of
the problem... please i really need help urgent.

Thanks a Lot

Fabian Navarrete

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