[Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb-users] Errors when using assign_vertex_id function - Solved by log off/log in

Fay Du fay.du at versaterm.com
Wed Jan 11 16:26:01 EST 2006

It solved by log off the account, do something else (include sending
asking for help email in different account), then log in again. Nothing
else changed. Connect the same database and use same table, copy/past
the same command:  
    SELECT assign_vertex_id('roads_europe', 1); 
It works. But before I log off, I spent over an hour and could not make
it work. 
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Hi all:
Thanks everyone, especially Alexandre, helping me to install PostGIS and
pgdijkstra on windows. Now I have a new problem need your help.
I download the demo data and following user manual (page 28) to create a
table roads_europe and populate the data.
When I run following command, I got an error.
Command:   SELECT assign_vertex_id('roads_europe', 1);
Error message:
ERROR:  relation with OID 17715 does not exist
CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT  id, the_geom FROM vertices_tmp WHERE
distance(the_geom,  $1 ) <  $2 "
PL/pgSQL function "point_to_id" line 7 at select into variables
PL/pgSQL function "assign_vertex_id" line 22 at assignment
What is OID 17715? Why I got this error? What I did wrong? Following is
step by step of what I did:
1.       shp2pgsql C:\temp\roadl.shp roads_europe_tmp >
2.       psql -d dcmms -f  C:\temp\roadl.sql
  CREATE TABLE roads_europe (gid int UNIQUE, source_id int, target_id
  SELECT AddGeometryColumn('roads_europe', 'the_geom', -1,
  INSERT INTO roads_europe (gid, the_geom) (SELECT gid, the_geom FROM
4.         SELECT assign_vertex_id('roads_europe', 1);
I created a new database and use different data, I still got same error
Thanks in advance for your help.
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