[Cartoweb-users] parse error!?!

Frédéric Junod frederic.junod at camptocamp.com
Fri Jan 20 02:19:50 EST 2006

Hi Antonio,

This bug is caused by a smarty plugin (compiler.defun.php). A new
upstream version is available and fix the bug.

If you use the CVS version of cartoweb, copy
scripts/include_addons/include/smarty/plugins/compiler.defun.php to

Otherwise, grab it from http://me.ssju.de/compiler.defun/ (the original
author site).



Le jeudi 19 janvier 2006 à 18:08 +0100, Antonio Camaiani a écrit :
> Hi to everybody,
> I have created a demo with my data that works correctly but sometimes
> after I execute a "php cw3setup.php --clean"  and then "php cw3setup.php
> --install etc..." to update my changes I find this error:
> Parse error: parse error, unexpected '?'
> in /var/www/cartotem/templates_c/bdffeae58045ccf04ddb5e975827cf63^%%
> 89^896^896E8A47%%layers.tpl.php on line 19
> the curious thing is that it sometimes happens even if I don't make any
> changes to the project that usually works! and I can't find out why it
> happens!
> sometimes I just have to clean again and all works
> but other times I can't find a way out... 
> I use ubuntu 5.10... can anybody help me?
> thanks in advance
> A. Camaiani
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