[Cartoweb-users] demoLocation plugin

Valerio Noti valerionoti at yahoo.it
Wed Jan 25 04:11:38 EST 2006

I'd like to add to my project a search by name functionality so I'm trying 
to implement demoLocation plugin from demoPlugins project

I've done following operations:

1) copied demoLocation folder from demoPlugins project to 

2) Verified that client_conf/location.ini is identical in demoPlugins and 
MyProject (no changes applied)

3) Modified client_conf/clienti.ini in MyProject with demoLocation plugin:

loadPlugins = exportCsv, exportPdf, outline, auth, demoLocation

Now it gives me this error:

Class : CartocommonException
Message : Error [8, Trying to get property of non-object, 
c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\coreplugins\location\client\ClientLocation.php, 219]

Thanks for any help

Valerio Noti

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