[Cartoweb-users] Cannot see any change. Newbie

Giorgio Plazzotta plazzotta at tiscalinet.it
Wed Jan 25 18:10:46 EST 2006

Sorry for the very first time newbie questions.
After reading the manual  wanted to experiment what happens if i change something in the configuration files of the democw3 demo project.
For example in the mapfile located in the server_conf/democw3/democw3.map file i tried to change the IMAGETYPE parameter from PNG to jpeg and set the quality to a ridiculous 30 value in the formatopption but i didn0t see any notice in the demo.
Then i tried to change some values in the client.ini file (defaultlang, profile) and in the layers.ini for example changng layer.lake_.label from lake into lago but regenerating the application it stll shows lake. well i think i am doing something really silly here maybe some of u, with patience, can help.
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