[Cartoweb-users] location state not yet initialized

oliver.christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Jan 26 14:16:52 EST 2006

It seems the plungin is called too soon, for some reason. Apparently It 
needs the location to be set before anything. The demoLocation plugin 
probably depend of other factors / parameters or plugins. I cant say much 
without more inquiries.


Oliver Christen
Camptocamp SA

> Hi,
> maybe my description of the problem in previous post (demoLocation plugin) 
> was a little confused.
> I'm trying to add demoLocation plugin to my project in order to do a 
> search by name.
> Postgres db is the same of DemoPlugins project (working) and I tried to 
> repeat configurations in my project.
> Something went wrong.
> When I add the demoLocation to
> loadPlugins = exportCsv, exportPdf, outline, auth, demoLocation
> in client_conf/clienti.ini
> I get this error that I don't know what it means:
> Class : CartoclientExceptionMessage : location state not yet initialized
> Backtrace:
> file: 310 - c:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\client\HttpRequestHandler.php
> call: ClientLocation->getLocation()
> .....
> In addition, my goal is to do a *like* type search by name and to permit 
> users to choose between multiple query results (i.e. i want to search for 
> 'mila' and then i'd like to choose between 'milano' and 'milanello': my 
> choice wold be passed to cartoweb (don't know how).
> Is the demoLocation plugin a correct way to do this or should I write my 
> code to query postgres db and then call cartoweb in some way?
> Any help appreciated
> Thanks
> Valerio
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