[Cartoweb-users] Configuration of the folder menu

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Jan 31 02:42:43 EST 2006

Hi Giorgio,

the folder menus are not automated. You need to manually add in the template the corresponding elements: a <li id="labelxx"> to contain the menu selector, and a <div id="folderxx" class="folder"> where you will call the wanted functionnality ( xx is the next number available, if in the template there are already four labels/folders, use 5 )

In the <div id="folderxx" class="folder">  </div> add the smarty variable for the layerreorder plugin: {$layerReorder}

See cartoclient.tpl template of project 'demoPlugins'.

Oliver Christen
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  After having read the manual (well done for a quite young open source project) and eaminated all the configuration files and the templates i didn't find out how to manage the folder menu with the legend and other functions (search, print and so on),
  For example i am trying to add the layereorder folder in the democw3 project as it is in the demoplugins project. I added the reference to layerreorder in the client.ini loadplugins command but it doesn't appear in the folder selector.
  Can u tell me where i have to search? thanx Also the views tool has been added but it doesnt appear on the screen



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