(Fwd) [Cartoweb-users] PDF support

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Mon Jun 12 08:29:28 EDT 2006

To make short: CartoWeb PDF plugin prints a MapServer-generated map into 
a PDF document. Edited points/lines/shapes appear as regular objects in 
the map when the editing is done. Thus there's no problem to export them 
in a PDF document.

As Yves J. said, activate the exportPdf plugin in your project. You may 
have to copy/paste some HTML/Smarty code from projects test_main or 
demoCW3 into your own if you based it on demoEdit (which is a quite raw 
demo project).

Fabio D'Ovidio wrote:
> My aim is to add pdf support for print edit results in the current 
> displayed page with map, too.
> Is it possible ?

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