[Cartoweb-users] problems with pdfexport

Alexandre Saunier alexandre.saunier at camptocamp.com
Tue Jun 20 08:56:07 EDT 2006


your problem seems be related to the "reference marks" (~ small crosses 
printed in the map to "show" the coordinates).

If you don't want to use them make sure there is no "showRefMarks = 
true" in your project client_conf/location.ini (or set it to "false").

In case you do want to use reference marks, there are probably some 
parameters missing in your server side config: add for instance
refMarksOrigin = "0,0"
in your server_conf/<your_project>/location.ini.


PS: pdflib is not required/used to make exportPdf work.

Sophie Blanchon wrote:
> I succeeded in installing Cartoweb 3.2 and all is working very well.
> I have just a problem when I try to print.
> All plugins are well installed but when the window which generated the 
> pdf file open, I have this message :
> Class : SoapFaultWrapper
> Message : Error [8, Undefined variable: originx, 
> /var/www/sites/cartoweb3/coreplugins/location/server/ServerLocation.php, 
> 921]
> Should I install a pdflib or anything else for php ??
> Thanks for your help

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