[Cartoweb-users] Regarding PGDIJKSTRA installation

Sylvain Pasche sylvain.pasche at camptocamp.com
Thu Jun 29 12:19:18 EDT 2006

Le jeudi 29 juin 2006 à 09:13 -0700, Hassan a écrit :
> My system is fedora core 2. I took the pgdijsktra folder out the cartoweb contrib and inserted in postgres8 contrib. Next I installed boost jam and boost library on the system. Now I try to make install in tne pgdijsktra directory, and I get error
> no match for 'operator[]' in 'graph[e]'

Are you sure you have the boot development package installed?

It could be useful if you provide more context around the error you are
having (to see for instance if there are "not found" error message for
boost headers).



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